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Service Disconnected Disability

From: Jim
Date: 01 Apr 2005
Time: 00:08:54
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Please note that I got my 100 percent disability after more than two years of working the system. The VA never admitted to anything. Simply stated the veteran is supposed to be given the benefit of the doubt. What I was told was I was exposed to chemcials before, during and after my service time. I never smoked or did drugs either. Based on previous cancer, damaged shoulder, and lost of half my lung capacity has finally qualified me. COPD is a catch all that they use a lot for discribing the respiratory medical problem. I also have nerve problems, this starts as a numbing in the extremities of the body such as hands and feet and continues to spread. Navy vets who worked aboard ships have plenty of opportunity to expose themselves to plenty of toxic substances. Think about it, the ship is loaded with everything you can imagine. Fuels, cleaners, chemicals, radiation from her radar and radio systems, dust, coatings, and on some of the older ships asbestos on the steam lines to name just a few. No one knows what we were drinking either, all I know is the water smelled pretty bad. King of like jet fuel. If you spent time on your ship in the yards or dry dock then multiply the possibilities ten times. The shipyards are known as toxic heavens. jim75m@yahoo.com Your best bet is to get a good advocate to help you thru the paperwork system. I got lucky and my advocate knew what to do and how to work the system.

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