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Re: Agent Orange

From: Van Sanderson rubvan@nvbell.net
Date: 03 Apr 2005
Time: 14:41:42
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TM 5-629 on the use of herbs and the Navy shows that in 1989 that silvex was still being used under the name of Garlon. EPA , on it's website says Garlon is silvex. Silvex was approved for use in water until it's cancellation in 1979 for all uses. You might want to look at it under:Federal Specification Herbicide: Silvex Ester, and Silvex Potassium Salt, O-H-215a, 1965. Contact me and I can get a copy to you. All of the drinking water wells on Navy bases on Guam have silvex in them. On the base I was stationed on(NCS, Guam) silvex is high at .21ppm in 1983. I believe the TM 5-629 August 1970 has the info about silvex. The 1989 issue, same number, only has the Garlon. Some veterans have reported that they were mixing a white and purple powder in the water on Navy ships back in the 60's. They referred to it as AO. I think it was 2,4,D and 2,4,5,TP silvex. Silvex is white just like 2,4,5,T. Noone has given absolute proof as of yet. I have had soft tissue sarcoma(associated to AO or dioxin) and it is the same in Navy personnel in support of Vietnam, as in Vietnam vets. The only difference is the Navy people die more frequently. Navy ships commissioned before the 70's were contaminated nightmares. PCB's, radiation asbestos and many more contaminants were on these ships including a host of uses for pesticides. Crosscontamination of water supplies with fuels and whatever is in the surround- ing waters the ship is in. In the case of dioxin it actually increases with the heating of the water to be used as drinking water. My opinion is that silvex was being used in the drinking water supply for the US Navy. Medical officers and personnel were responsible for the treatment of drinking water supplies. There are a number of people inquiring about the silvex. Please contact me. Vancil Sanderson rubvan@nvbell.net

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