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Re: vet admin claims

From: Terry Daluge
Date: 21 Jul 2006
Time: 16:31:39
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I am really sorry to hear aboyt you giving up.I can under stand why! AS for me I will never give up I had the sameting happen to me my Service Officer told me the same to giveup but then I thopught who does he work for (mine was a veterans service rep.) I have written many letters to public officals. just yesterday I recived a letter from Kay Baily Hutchison A Senator from TEXAS. She told me not to give up the fight that thire was more people than not that are fighting in DC for veterans. Bill s.2694 was going to give Veterans the right to hire a lawyer to defend thire claim. one thing a lawyer will establish is that when you were on the gun line in the Tonkin gulf ( with in 12 miles of land) that it is the same as being boots on the ground! and may other factors happening right now to be givinging up. just keep appealing keep up the fight and the Blue Water Navy will prevail. daluge@verizon.net

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