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From: Anonymous
Date: 27 Sep 2006
Time: 12:28:36
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Back in the day, when Binh Thuy was just getting started, of course we had little or nothing in the way of equipment. Tired of 'hoofing it' to the Air Force base just up the road several of had an opportunity just to easy to pass up! As we were leaving the Post Exchange, an officer pulled up and went inside, leaving his jeep still running. Well, we took it! Went back to our base, put some dents in it, removed a mirror, and hid it inside a packing crate that used to contain C-rats. Several weeks later, the AP's came visiting but found nothing! We played it cool for a few weeks longer,, put a Navy BuNo on it and had transportation! (Later on, it was painted 'pink (?)' and used as our "crash truck" Back then, our "tower" was mounted on wheels , and our Air Controlmen comshawed spare parts so it was usable Back to our jeep! We had a visit from the Supply Corps in Japan, just prior to getting the VA(L)4 OV-10 Broncos. Well, upon leaving the chow hall with our OinC (WO2 Paul Cohan) they passed our jeep; as they did so, the CDR paused, looked it over, shook his head and commented (supposedly) "Strange, That BuNo is the same as the one on my sedan back in Japan!". We learned this at a Christmas party in CanTho from our OinC! Perhaps someone that was at FASU Binh Thuy remembers, and can verify this story. And, perhaps add something to it?

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