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Re: Agent Orange

From: bpoor@citlink.net
Date: 19 Oct 2006
Time: 04:26:11
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this is for terry daluge. i know what you are saying,i am in the same boat as you so to speak.my name is brandy poor and i am 53 years old,and have been diagnosed with type2 diabetes,heart problems including chf,neuropathy,restless leg syndrome,anxiety and depression,arthritis,c.o.p.d.,sleep apnea,some sight problems,and a chlor-acne problem that the doctors call boils.these{boils}will sometimes swell up to the size of a golf ball on my legs,thighs,waistline, chest, and underarms and they are ver painful when they burst as they are loaded with puss and blood and they take several days to drain.i failed to mention that i too am a vietnam veteran and a blue water sailor from the uss enterprise from 71thru73.my point is this, be glad that you have at least the social security.i have been fighting them for 3 years and still cannot draw ssi or ssd.i have the same problems as you about standing and walking. ieven had a lawyer!!! i have been fighting my va claim for over 2 years and have been turned down twice because of that stupid ass rule of setting foot on land in vietnam.i worked in supply department and on flight deck ops for on-loading supplies,so you know that i dealt with that killer of navy personnel agent orange!! maybe this new ruling will help all of us!! if it weren't for my wife, we would have no income at all, cause i cannot work either.the va has seen fit though to give me a dissability pension because my family is below the poverty line of $160.00 a month,i cannot figure out where to spend it all.they admit i am 100 percent dissabled but ssa will not.anyway,my point is to you to keep fighting because i am!!i hope you have very good luck in the future. maybe we can get the government to finally help those of us who enlisted to fight for our country, and we wont be considered criminals,baby rapers and the like and be treated like human beings.thanks for letting me rant terry!! good luck man!! brandy poor or bpoor@citlink.net

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