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ribon-tack-13x13.gif (113 bytes)  The Delta Dragon Photo Album has been created to help foster the on-line camaraderie of the people that were once stationed in the Mekong Delta areas of Vietnam, during the US military operations there in the 1960's and 1970's.

 Binh Thuy, Cao Lanh, Can Tho, Dong Tam, Soc Trang, Vinh Long and growing.

This site now hosts over 1,300 Photographs!
The largest Vietnam Veteran Photo Album created by Vietnam Veterans.

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ribon-tack-13x13.gif (113 bytes)  The Can Tho Photo Album was started with photographs graciously furnished by Rick Stayner.  Rick and I were members of the 550th Signal Company at the Can Tho Airfield in 1972/73 and lived in the same hooch.

ribon-tack-13x13.gif (113 bytes)  Can Tho Airfield was located 100 miles southwest of Saigon, outside the city of Can Tho in the then Phong Dinh Province and close to the Bassac River in the Mekong Delta. (See Maps page)

ribon-tack-13x13.gif (113 bytes)  The Can Tho countryside was the largest population center in the canal laced Mekong Delta.  The surrounding countryside was characterized by low-lying marshes, mangrove swamps, natural and man-made canals and rice paddies.  Can Tho Airfield, Dempsey Compound, the Pink Palace, Jackson Hole, the Log House, Eakin Compound, Binh Thuy and the Special Forces Compound were located in the Can Tho area.  Can Tho Airfield was built by the French and improved by the Japanese in WWII.  Can Tho was the center for US military operations in the Mekong Delta, IV Corps Area.

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ribon-tack-13x13.gif (113 bytes) The Delta Dragon site contains: ribon-tack-13x13.gif (113 bytes)

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