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. ribon-tack-13x13.gif (113 bytes)   This page will display photographs of the Binh Thuy area of Vietnam. .
. .Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger picture. .

Binh Thuy 1. 1971  Looking towards Binh Thuy from the second floor of our barracks. They took a rocket attack the night before hitting their ammo dump. The photo looks out of focus but actually it was the ground shaking all the way to Can Tho! For three days we never saw the Sun due to all the smoke etc.! Photo by: Fred Sloviko   

2.  Jan 1968, This banner displayed at Binh Thuy Navy just a day or two  before TET began. Rather ironic.
Photo by: William Grohoski 
3. 1968 Spring,  Binh Thuy.  I believe the runway was 6,000 ft. No Lights, No Tower made for interesting take offs and landings.  Very small living area.
Photo by: David Nelson
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