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Can Tho Army Airfield Tower

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. ribon-tack-13x13.gif (113 bytes)  This page contains links to sites of interest to people that were stationed at Can Tho Airfield or other units within the Mekong Delta.  .
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Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States Army Aviation

1-13th Aviation Regiment, Ft Rucker, Al

1st Signal Brigade, Korea (Official)

1st Signal Brigade, RVN (Unofficial)

2nd COMSEC Logistic Support Unit

3rd Surgical Hospital

39th Signal Battalion, Europe (Official)

39th Signal Battalion Symbols (Unofficial)

52nd Signal Battalion

93rd Engineering, Dong Tam

114th Aviation Company Association "Knights of the Air"

121st Assault Helicopter Company (Tigers / Vikings) 

134th AHC, Underwood, Coleman, History, Boyles

135th Assault Helicopter Company (EMU)

135th Assault Helicopter Company, and, The Taipans

145th Combat Aviation Bn

147th ASHC "Hillclimbers" page

162nd AHC  (Vultures/Copperheads)

175th Aviation Company (AML) (Outlaws / Mavericks)

175th Aviation Company (AML) (Outlaws / Mavericks)

191st Assault Helicopter Company (Boomerangs/Bounty Hunters)


271st Assault Support Helicopter Company (Delta Innkeepers) 

281st Assault Helicopter Company, Intruders, Nha Trang

335th Assault Helicopter Company  (Cowboys)

336th Assault Helicopter Company 

560th Military Police Company

611th Transportation Co., Vinh Long

7/1 ACS, 7th Armored Squadron, 1st Air Cav. (Blackhawks)

C/16th ACS (Darkhorse), "unofficial" troop locator

US Army Awards, Decorations, Campaign & Service Medals (Prepared by The Institute of Heraldry)

Agent Orange Diabetic Victims

GI Search . COM

MilitaryUSA . COM

VeteranSearch. COM

(VAL-4) "Black Ponies", Binh Thuy, OV-10 Broncos

CAPPy'S VietNam "Memories Past" More Can Tho picture.

BrownWater NAVY / Binh Thuy / Bassac River

A Binh Thuy Seawolves site with an Olga's card.

1st Cavalry Division Association

Vinh Long site by Ray Mahoney

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA)

The Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network (VHFCN)

The LRRP/Rangers of the Vietnam War

Bill Tyner, 10th PsyOps, Can Tho and Binh Thuy, 1968.

Camp Holloway, Pleiku, RVN

USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association (POPASMOKE)

U.S. Army Attack Helicopters

Virtual Cockpit of the AH-1F Cobra " Pilots Station " 


CH-47 Crew Locator Page

The active B214th "Hillclimbers" CH-47D "Chinook" unit

Ft Rucker, Alabama

CH-47 User Home Page

OV-1 Mohawk Association

A History of the OV-1 Mohawk in Vietnam 1962 -1972

The Sounds of Vietnam, 9th Infantry Regiment, "Manchus"

Texas Tech University Libraries, (VHPA)

Unit Histories and Related Information, 1st Aviation Brigade

CLOSURE: A Vietnam Story, By Mike Austin

Col. NGO THE LINH, Strategic Technical Directorate

Children of the men that lost their lives or are MIA

Aus. 104 Signal Squadron

Florida's 14th Annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion

Alabama National Association of Postmasters of the US

Dong Tam Base / My Tho area / RIVERINES / Related Links


Howard Kramer's Vietnam Pictures

The ARL-23 in Vietnam (U.S.S. Satyr) Home Page

9th Infantry Division, "Old Reliable"

Maps, Soc Trang to Saigon

The 15th Combat Engineers Battalion Association   

The Ninth Infantry Division, Bravo Co. 3/60th

The RiverVet Pages

Mike Harris' Navy Mobile Riverine Force, Mekong Delta

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Links related to the Can Tho, Vietnam area and things that may be of an interest to those that were stationed in Can Tho.
David Freeman's 1971-72
Binh Thuy and Long Binh tour
David has a few stories from his
Dustoff Stories book on line too.
Helicopter Stories
by Ira Will McComic
Many about the Can Tho area
Click to visit resent photos of the Can Tho area
Frank Riviere and his travels
back to Can Tho

Can Tho University   The English pages


 Hotels in Can Tho 


 Can Th grows at almost 10pc 


 More Tourist / Business info on Can Tho 

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