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ribon-tack-13x13.gif (113 bytes)  The Can Tho Email List has been created to assist the people that were stationed around the Can Tho, Vietnam area in locating and Emailing their prior friends.
If you do not mind displaying your Email address publicly, as below, please jump to the Delta Dragon Email Discussion Area and provide me with the information you desire displayed in the blocks below within the posting.  I will periodically transfer the information requesting additions or updates to the below listing.

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Name Group Years
Ables, Jimmie C. 244th Avn Co (Mohawk Mech) 68-69
Acker, Warren R Hq 13th CAB, & C Trp/16th Cav 70-71
Agnew, John A (J.I.) 260th T.C Det., 134th Avn  65-66
Air Family 244th Avn Co 66-68
Anderson, Peter 346th Avn Det, Vinh Long 67-68
Angell, Steve (Stick) 125 ATC Can Tho 69-72
Annis, Robert J HHC, 69th Engr. Bn 67-69
Atkinson, Wayne C. 1st Sig Bd long lines det Can Tho 67-68
Baldwin, Robert J 720th MP Battalion 71-72
Bank, Charles 162 ASLT HEL Co 70
Bankston, Tony D Troop 3rd of 5th Cav 69-70
Banning, Jim Can Tho Comm Center 69-70
Barker, Robert 244th/245th Surveillance 67-68
Barnes, Steve 244th Surveillance 69-70
Barts, Michael 228th S&S, 91st CS 72
Beauvais, Dennis 224th Avn Bn; 144th Avn Co 67-69
Beauvais, Richard G 162 AHC, 164 CAG Cantho 71-72
Bedrosian, Al MACV Adv. Team 96 69-70
Belanger, Norman NavSupAct, Dong Tam 68-69
Bench, Pat A Co 52nd Sig 67-68
Bennett, J (Nichlas) Troop C / 16th Air Cav 71-72
Berghuis, Tom Tigers then Green Delta ?
Biava, John  327th Signal Co. R/R 68-70
Bigham, Mark 20th Preventive Med Det 71-72
Bishop, Jim (AO3) FASU Ordnance Mags.  70-71
Bishop, Jim (CW2) Vulture49 162nd AHC, 13th CAB 70-71
Bissett, James D 235th AVN Co 66-68
Black, Allen 93 Trans/1st Air Commdr 62-64
Blackburn, Ray MACV ADV TM 68-69
Blair, Bob 52nd Sig / 550 Sig 70-72
Blankenship, Phil 345th ADD 70-71
Blice, Jimmy 244th Air Sac. Co. 68-69
Blum, Dennis W 68-69
Blunt, Carl J 235th Aviation 69-70
Blydenburgh, Ron 53rd Gen Support Group 68-69
Boaz, Stu 52nd Signal 66-68
Bolt, James W 1 Bn 11 Artillery 66-69
Borton, Barry T 22nd TASS AGE/FMS 66-67
Bost, Joseph 235th Aero Weapons Co., Satans 71
Bostwick, Robert 162nd AHC, Can Tho 70-71
Bouchey, Carl 52nd Signal Can Tho 70-71
Braden, F. D. Co D 459th & 550th Signal 69-70
Bradshaw, Ken HHC 164th CAG 68-69
Brassard, Larry 335 AHC Bearcat / Doughtam 70
Braudaway, Jessie 244th Avn Co 69-70
Bray, Eric 162nd AHC 69-70
Brewer, Bennie 156th Avn Co 66-67
Brewer, Carl 720th M.P. CanTho 66-67
Bridges, Denny Co A, 52nd Signal 68-69
Brislin, Joe J (Family) Signal, Autosevacom  
Brown, Jane 335th Radio Research Company 70-71
Brown, Larry 162nd AHC, Guns 70-71
Bryner, Bill Motor Pool, Can Tho 66-67
Burleigh, Andy B Troop 3/17 Air Cav 69-70
Burns, Charlie 13th CAB, HHC 67-68
Busby, Robert W ASA MP 144th Avn / 156th Avn 70-71
Bustamante, Daniel M 175th AVN Co. (Outlaws) 68-69
Butcher, R. W. Co.D 41st Sig. Bn. 65
Cabrera, J. "Cabby" 271st ASHC 69-70
Caldwell, George 235th AHC, Satan 12 69-70
Callahan, Dave Co A, 52nd Signal 67-68
Callison, Don D Troop, 3/5th Air Cav 70-71
Cambell, WilliamB 257th Sig Det, Soc Trang 64-65
Canales, Pablo H 232nd, 581st Sig Co, 52d 64-65
Carpio, John P Co D 52nd Sig Soc Trang 69-70
Carr, Delmas L 271st AVN 67-69
Carroll, Gordon Ray MACV TM 96 71/72
Carter, Dennis 147th ASHC 70
Carter, Harry E 336th & 191st 70-71
Cassels, Donald E 39th Sig Bn, 581st Sig Co 65-66
Caylor, Monte 221st Avn Co (Shotguns) 70-71
Cestnik, Tony 22nd TASS USAF 66-67
Chance, Bobby C ASA, attached 156th 69-70
Chandler, Michael L 271st and 336th Avn 68-69
Chesse', Noel T 52nd Sig Bn, HHC A, STRATCOM 70-71
Clark, John 125th ATC 65-66
Clark, William 235th, Viper 39 70-71
Clayton, Ernie 39th/550th Signal Co. 72
Clear, Robin F 22nd TASS Binh Thuy 67-68
Clough, Earl 156th Avn Co (RR) 68-69
Cobb, Roger Crash Crew, Binh Thuy 70-71
Cockerham, Fred 147th ASHC 70-71
Colby, Bob 225th & 244th Avn Co, 67-68
Cole, Roy A. HHC 13th Avn Sig 65-66
Coletta, Mark 162nd Avn Co 71-72
Conway, R 20th Eng. Bde, Avn Det 70-71
Cummings, Fred A Co. 52nd Sig Bn 68-69
Compton, Bob 235th AWC Death Dealers 69-70
Cook, Riley A&C Co, 52nd Sig 67-70
Corbett, Thomas Jr 346th Aviation Det. 67-68
Cordell, Johnny W 235th AWC 66-71
Cotrell, Greg Advisory Team 52 (VL) 67-68
Cowart, Norman 550th Signal Co. 72
Craghead, Jim Company A 550 Signal Corp 71-72
Culbertson, Rodney R HHC 164th CAG 71-72
Cummings, David MACV-Tm96 67-68
Cutrell, Johnny Co A, 52nd, Vi Thanh det 70-71
Czajkowski, Greg 244th Avn. SAC, 537 Sig 67-68
Dashnaw, Paul 550th Signal Co. 71-72
Dean, David 362nd signal, Octopus Saigon 67-68
DeBoer, Jack C Jr. 96 ADY TM 66-67
De Leon, Bob MACV IV Corps Hq/Adv Tm 96 64-65
Denton, Terry C 164th CAG Asst S2 Can Tho 69-70
Dillman, Dave 221st RAC "Shotguns" 69-70
Dodge, John 18th Avn, Delta Avn Bn/ 13th CAB 63-64
Donaldson, David A Delta Avn Bn & 13th CAB 63-64
Drewry, Danny 235th Avn Co, Delta Devils, Supply 68-69
Duggins, John MACV, TM 96 Chief Hoi/CORDS ?
Eaton, Dennis 327th Sig. Co. tropo 69
Edwards, Mike (Ed) 52nd Signal 68-69
Edwards, Ed 244TH AVN CO. DELTA HAWK 67-69
Eid, Chuck 164th CAG 70-71
Elliott, Charles (Chuck) IV Corps Hq, Eakin Compound 63-64
Emans, Rex 188th M.P., Can Tho 67-68
Ericksen, Douglas 147th aviation Can Tho 68
Evans, Jonathan P. 164th CAG HHV 71-72
Evans, Norman 156th Avn Co. (son Jeff) 70
Evors, Fred 191st AHC as XO 70
Famulare, James 121st ASHC 67-68
Fanjoy, Logan 244th 67-68
Fender, Don MACV TM. 56 69-72
Fesmire, Dave 271st ASHC & C/16 ACS 71-73
Fetterman, Glenn L 235th AWC (To Family) KIA 3/69
Figueroa, Hector 35th Combat Engineers, Co. B 68-69
Fiorini, Greg 164th CAG Can Tho, HHC 70-71
Fisher, Danny 3rd Surgical Hosp 71-72
Fitzgerald, Pete 244th SAC 67-69
Fitzpatrick, Gerry 611th Trans Co (ADS) 70-71
Foltz, Jerry HHC, 13th CAB 71-72
Fozard, Jeff 345th ASD 68-70
Frainey, John E 52nd Signal BN 67-68
Franklin, James E 560th MP co 66-67
Fuentes, Lou Delta Avn Hq 63-64
Fuller, Thomas 508th and 213th Engr Det 67-69
Gaddy, Bruce 235th AWC 69-70
Gaffin, William 35th Cmbt Eng Bn, 517th LE Co, BT 69-70
Garner, Johnny 20th Bde Hdq / 69th Engr Bn Co A 70-71
Gatzemeyer, "Gatz" 271st ASHC 69-70
Giggey, Wendell 581st Sig Co 64-65
Gonzales, Al 69th Engr 71
Goth, Darrel USASSG, ACSI, DA, Eakin Cmpnd 72
Gouveia, Robert 107th Sig. Co. 69-70
Graffeo, Terry 13th AVN BN 71-72
Grafton, George 225th & 244th Aviation (SAC) 67-68
Gramm, Don E 235th Attack H Co. 70-71
Green, Don 164th Avn (Grp Career Counselor) 68
Green, Donald 271 Avn. Co. 69-70
Greene, Rich Co C, 52d Sig Sadec 67-68
Grice, Chuck 271st Avionics 69-71
Grissom, Keith 228th S&S 72-73
Grohoski, William 327th Signal Tropo Grp 67-68
Gustavsen, David HHC 34th Engr GP 70-71
Hagan, Phillip W 550th SIG 72-73
Hallawell, Jim FASU & VAL-4 70-71
Hanson, Roger 235th and 335th AHC 68-69
Hargrove, Tom MAC-V Team 73, Vi Thanh 69-70
Harris, Jim 13th CAB 66-67
Harris, Jim 52nd Sig Bn 68-70
Harris, John M. 18th CAC & ICCS 72-73
Hauanio, Clarence 69th Engr. BN. 71
Hazen, Doug HQ, Company, 52nd Sig. BN 68-69
Heberling, John 20 Engr Bd, 69 Engr Bn 69-70
Helhowski, Walt 52nd Signal Bat. 67-68
Helton, Glen E. 244th Avn. Co 67-68
Henderson, George 550th Bearcats 68-70
Henry, John NSA BINH THUY 70
Hernandes. Jose T 235th Armed Hel Co Delta Devils 68-69
Herrera, Homer   64-67
Hightower, Ken 267th Sig Co & 52nd Sig Bn 68-70
Hill, Steve 13th CAB 70-71
Hodge, Ed A Co 52nd & 550th Sig 72-73
Hodgson, Bill Soc Trang Tigers 64-65
Holmes, Alan 175th AVN 68-70
Holt, David 162nd AHC 69-70
Huber, Leland (Lee) White Tiger Lead 67
Huck, Peter S. 156th AVN Co 71-72
Huckaby, Marshall C Can Tho 68-69
Humphrey, David 69th Engr. BN. 67-68
Hunter, Darrell 213th Engr Det 68-69
Incristo, Leonard 345th Air Traffic Control 70-71
Irwin, John "Dirty" 244th Avn Co J 67-68
Jacquez, Larry 244th Avn (Logistics) 67-68
Jagneaux, Richard Cantho Comm Center teletype rpr 70
Janusas, Anthony 121st AHC Soc Trang 67-68
Jennings, Ray 199th avn co. (RAC) 67-68
Jessee, Charlie Co.A., 52nd Signal 67-69
Johnson, Jerry 560th MP Co. 66-67
Johnson, Mark 972nd and 107th Sig. 68-69
Johnson, Roger Co. A., 52nd Signal 66-68
Jones, John L. Era Collector/UK helper N/A
Joseph, Alan 235th AWC , Delta Devils 70-71
Kelsey, Robert 244th Aviation Co. 67-68
Kenna, Mike 175th AHC Outlaws & Mavericks 67-69
Kerr, William C 235th AHC 67-68
Kessler, Bob 125th Air Traffic Control Co. 1967
Killile, Jim DLSA, Binh Thuy Army B 71-72
Kling, Dave "SFox24" 199th RAC, Vinh Long 69-70
Knowles, Gene HHT, 7/1, C 3/16, Air Cav 71-72
Koegel, George 52nd Signal Bn. 68-70
Kosack, Chuck STRATCOM / A, 52nd Sig 70-71
Kreidler, John 39th Sig/550th Sig Co MARS 71-72
Lampman, Dan (Skip) 271st Avn Co, Innkeepers 69-70
Lane, Carl G 164th CAG 68-70
Laney, Jerry 156th Aviation Co. 69
Lanza, Mike 327th Sig Co Det 68-69
Lashley, Michael 162nd ahc 71-72
Lay, Carroll Leon 69th Infantry Det, Ground Radar 69-70
LeBlanc, Raoul 13th Avn Bn Air Maint 65-66
Lee, Leonard M 244th Aviation Co, Aerial Cameras 67-68
Leister, Richard (Dick) S-1 13th CAB 65
LeMay, Ed MACV TM. 56 69-71
Loder, Dale Co D AATC Bn 71-72
Lohan, Jim 121st Soctrang, 361st C Holloway 64-65, 68-69
Lorenzo, James 18th CAC 72-73
Lowe, Tom HQ Co., 69th Engineers 67-68
Luick, William (Bill) 51st Light Maintance Co. 68-69
Luster, Phil 307 CBT AVN BN 68-69
Mad Sicilian 214th CAB HHC 70-72
Malmberg, Steve HHD 13th An Bn 64-65
Mann, Monte Max 69th Sig, Cheap Charlies 66-67
Manzo, Dominic J 52nd Signal Bn. 67-68
Marr, Ernie C Co of the 69th Engr  
Marshall, Dan 235th AWC 69-70
Matthews, Roy HHC 164 Aviation Grp 68-69
McDaniel, Robert L 13th CAB, 164th CAG 67-68
McKenzie, Charles M 52nd Signal 67-68
McRae, Ralph 199th RAC, Vinh Long  68-69
Mellott, Perry 271st ASHC 69-70
Merriman, Ralph MACV Team 56 67-68
Meyers, Dick 235th Aviation Company 70-71
Migliorato, Ken 52nd Sig Det Vi Thanh/Bac Lieu 67-68
Miller, Jeff HHC 307 CAB, 235 AWC 68-69
Miller, Jim 52nd/550th Signal Co 71-72
Miller, Mel 147 ASHC, civ 271 ASHC 69-71
Miller, Ray 221st RAC 69-70
Miller, Steve (Doc) 774th AVN Medical DET 72
Milligan, Bob 244th Aviation Co. 67-68
Minnick, Howard L 156th Aviation Co. (RR) 69-70
Mitchell, Frank 191st AHC  69-70
Molloy, Mike IV corps Headquarters Co MACV 70
Monroe, David 199th Anv. Co. RAC 67-68
Moore, Daniel L HHC 307 CAB, 235 AWC 69-70
Moore, Joe 39th Sig Bn, 550th Sig Co 72-73
Morgan, Jimmy HHC 13th CAB 65-66
Mumphard, Willie 121ST AHC SOC TRANG 66-67
Munoz, David 18th CAC 72
Murphy, Robert HHD 52nd Sig Bn 68
Murray, Jerry 244th 68
Napier,Thomas C 125th atc 71
Nelson, Gerald L 244th SAC Observer 26E20 67-68
Nesmith, James Co. D, 5th SFGA (ABN) 70-71
Newell, Lloyd 345 Air Traffic Control 69-71
Newton, Donald M 52nd Sig Bn, Det 4 65-66 96
Nielsen, Tom C Battery 1/27 FA, 23 Grp 68-69
Nickels, Bill 52d Signal Bn. Electronic Maint 68
Nichols, Nick 52nd Signal 67-68
Nordlie, Ken HHC 164th CAG 71-72
O'Donnell, Joe HHC, 13th Combat Avn 65-67 93 01
Ohnstad, Joe 13th Combat Avn 67-68
O'Laughlin, Ron 52nd Signal 67-68
Oliver, Bob 581st Signal Company 65-66
Oliver, Tom HHD 13th Aviation Batallion 65-66
Pannunzio, Dan 162nd AHC 70-71
Parrish, Sam 13th Av Battallion HHC 67-68
Parry, Ron USAF 6255 & 362 CSG 65-66
Patka, Randy Qtrmstr, 364th S&S Bn 72
Patterson, Bobby 335th rrco 69-70
Paul, Jeff 335th R. R. Can Tho 71-72
Payette, Bob HHC 13th CAB 65
Peck, Hugh 3rd Surg Dec 70-71
Perham, Dave 32 Small Ship Sqn (Aust. Army) 67
Perkins, Cal 292nd Finance Detach Vinh Long 70-71
Peterson, "Doc" 2/24th (Mech),Binh Phuoc 68-69
Peterson, Larry 611th Trans. Co 69-72
Peterson, Ray Bco, Dco. 69th and 36th EN BN 68-69
Peterson, Skip 228th S&S Co 72-73
Petty, Billy D HHD, 52nd Sig. Bn. 67-68
Phillips, Gary 13th Combat Avn 67-68
Phillips, Herb 121st & 221st Avn Co  
Plowden, Warren Advisory Team 56 69-70
Ponder, Merrell 52nd Signal, (My Tho) 67-68
Powell, Daniel R IV G2 65-66
Pozin, Ron 125th ATC 4th platoon 70-71
Pratt, Bob HHC, 13th Combat Avn 67-68
Price, James (Jim) 156th Aviation Co. 66-68
Pridemore, Richard Comm Section 68-69
Purcell, Bill 244th SAC 67-68
Quickel, Reed 188th MP Copany 69
Quinones, Angel M 221st RAC "Shotguns" 69-70
Raley, Royce(Don) 611, 56, 147 Thans 64-65 68-69
Rampell, Ron 162nd AHC 71-72
Raschke, John S. MACV, Advsr Team 73, Vi Thanh 69-70
Razo, Rudy 581st Signal 65-66
Reed, Bob 600th. Photo Sq. Det. 15 67-68
Renardson, Rick 3rd Surgical Hospital 69-70
Reynolds, Jimmy J. AF crash rescue, (His son Jim Jr.) 65
Ritter, Reuben Advis. Team 63, MAAG 63-64
Robinson, George R 244 Avn. Co. Delta Hawks 68
Robinson, John 235ahc/awc 67-68
Rodriguez, Jim 3rd Surgical Hospital 70
Rodriguez, Roman 327th Sig Co, HHD 44th Sig BN LB 69-70
Rogalski, John Co. D. 69th Engr Bn 67-68
Roman, Justo 327TH Sig CO 39TH Sig BN 70-71
Rowland, Larry Brigade Flight Section 67-68
Royal, Fred 52nd Sig Bn,A Co & C Co 66-67
Rushka, Jerry A Co.52nd Sig. Bn. 68-69
Russell, Ken MACV Adv Team 96 66-67
Sawin, Frank 569th Sig, Long Lines S 68-69
Scaletta, Frank HHC, 164th CAG 70
Scates, Lester (Les) 336th AHC, 18th CAC 68-69 71-72
Scharff, Bill 244th SAC 69-70
Schladweiler, Pete Guardian 6 aircraft 68-69
Scott, Delbert 292nd finance 69-70
Shaub, Russell 292nd Finance 68-69
Shepherd, Guy 581st sig, Advisory Team 96 65-67
Schroen, John 581st SC CanTho 65-66
Schultz, Herman 221st Avn Co, 13th CAB 65-66
Schutte, Marvin 14th ICC Cam Rahn Bay ?
Scruggs, Johnny 1st Aviation Bd. 70
Sevy, Jerry 235th AHC/AWC 67-69
Sharp, Robert J 121st Avn Co 64-65
Sheppard, Dennis 199th AHC, Vinh Long 69-70
Shumway, Steve 13th Combat Avn Bn 68
Sias, David 235th Aviation 69-70
Sicotte, Roland R 235th AHC & 121st AHC 67-68
Sines, John "Chip" MACV 67-68
Sloviko, Fred 52nd/550th Signal 71-72
Smith, Albert (Al) 327th, Microwave/Tropo 68-69
Smith, Donald R. 221st Avn Co (Shotguns) 65-66
Smith, James 18th CAC 72
Solberg, Carl 13th Combat Avn Bn 66-67
Solomon, Richard 268th Det, 164th CAG 70
Southerland, Larry 327th Sig  Dong Tam/Phou Quac 69-70
Speights, Ronnie C 52nd Sig Bn C Co, Chau Doc 67
Spence, Bob 3rd Surgical Hospital 69-70
St. Clair, Ed 21st Infantry Div, MACV 68
Staehle, John M LSSC/MSSC Boat Support Units 70-71
Stanley, Wm Robert 229th & 13th CAB 164 G 68-71
Stapleton, John 244th Aviation 68-69
Stephens, Robert  336th AHC, 13th CAB 69-70
Stephenson, Gerald 18th CAC 72
Stith, Dale Ross QT-2PC (LMSC) 68
Stroklund, Dennis 52nd Signal 68-69
Strole, Don HHD 13th CAB, HHC 164th CAG 67-68
Sutton, Sam 52nd Signal 68
Sweeney, Dan 52nd Signal 67-68
Swift, Don 52nd Sig 68-69
Tabert, Larry 162nd Avn. Co. 69-70
Tadusz, Daniel D 214th CAB & 52nd Sig 70-71
Talbott, Danny 244th & 225th Avn. Co. 67-68
Tancredi, Don 52nd Signal, Vi Thanh 69-70
Tapley, J. D. Co B 52nd Sig Bn Mytho 67-68
Taylor, Jim A Co., 52nd Sig. Bn. 70
Tenney, Harry HHC, 307th CAB 70-71
Thayer, Ed 175th AHC Mavericks 66-67
Theriault,Raymond A 156th Avn.Co.(RR) 67-68
Thibedore, Bob 121st, 282nd AHC, +  65-68
Thomas, Bob Adv Tm 55, Adv Tm 85 67-68, 70-71
Thomas, Powell S 528th Qm. Co(POL) Can Tho 67-69
Thorne, George 120th Transportation Co  
Totter, John 156th Aviation Co. 70-71
Treadway, Bill 52nd Sig Bn, C & Hq Co 70-71
Turner, Jerry A Co., 101st. Avn. Bn. 65-66
Tyson, Phillip 52 Sig macv Team 50 68-69
Urso, Paul 52nd Signal 67-68
Van Nest, Richard HHC 164th Avn Grp 70
Vincent, Cleetis 235th AHC 69-71
Waddell, Gary 271st ASHC 69-70
Waechter, Jim 69th Engineer Bn. Co-C and HQ 68-69
Wagener, N.A. "Skip" NSA Det Binh Thuy 71-72
Waldron, Bud 271st ASHC 69-70
Wallace, Bernie 2nd CLSU 68-69
Ward, Bill Det 4, 232nd Sig Co 64-65
Walser, Joe ? ?
Warren, Robert G IV Corps, AF Commo 67-68
Webster, Daniel 13th CAB, 164th CAG 67-69
Welcome, Lawrence 13th CAB, 114th Ave Co 63-64
Wenning, Mike 345th asd 68-69
Westberry, Charles Civilian, LSI Service Corp 68-69
Westlake, Rich 244th Aviation Co. 67-68
White, Joe 13th, 18th, 214th, 164th 65-73
White, Roy L 13th Aviation Bn 64-65
Winkles, Franklin 69th Engineer Battalion, Co. B 68-69
Winters, Alan (Big Red) 39th & 52nd Sig Bn, MARS 71-72
Willard, Andrew 69th Engr BN 67-68 69-70
Williamson, Jerry Det 3, 619TCS 67-68
Wilson, Douglas 502d, 114th & 335th AHC 65-66 69-70
Wistner, R HHC, 13th Avn Bn 66-67
Womack, William B 29th Artillery, H Battery 70-71
Wong, George B. Co A, 52nd Sig. Bn. 67-68
Wooter, Rich 345th ADD, Tower/GCA 70-71
York, Darrell 244th AVN Co. 68-69
Young, Bob 244th AVN Co. DELTA HAWKS 69-70
Zilinski, Ed 271st ASHC 68-70
Zuege, Paul HHC, 307th CAB 69-71

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